Overwatch Annecy’s Elegy

Groups: 3D, Uncensored

Fourteen years in the previous earlier than the 2nd omnic calamity, Annecy is the Amelies home town and also most wonderful city within the Alps the french name it “Terrace of the Alps”.
Amelie is widowMaker called Fatale, Fatale is the appropriate guy: an impacted individual, effective and also vicious guy that never exposes any kind of feeling or remorse.
It’s mentioned that in his previous life, Fatale was the partner of Gérard Lacroix, a representative of Overwatch answerable for procedures in the direction of the terrorist team called La Griffe. After a variety of not successful makes an effort to do away with Gérard, La Griffe figured out to attack his partner to attain him. Amelie was abducted by her brokers and also based on an extreme program of neuronal reformatting. Her will certainly was brushed up away, her personality removed and also she or he was refurbished to be a resting representative. She was after that uncovered by brokers of Overwatch, evidently with out follow up, and also went back to his civil life.
2 weeks later on she Gerard in his rest.

Style: Residence home windows Media
size: 38:20
Video clip: 1920×1080, Residence home windows Media Video clip 9, 8004kbps
Sound: 187kbps

Dimension: 2.2 GB

Date: August 2, 2019

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